Business Loans

The State Bank of Alcester strives to serve the total needs of its customers with a wide range of financing options.

  • Business Loans
    • Start up or purchase a business, buy equipment and/or livestock or obtain funding for other business needs.
  • Operating and Livestock Loans
    • Working capital is the lifeblood of every business.  Whether seasonal or ongoing, a line of credit can help you make money.
  • Real Estate
    • The State Bank of Alcester offers many types of real estate loans.
  • FSA & SBA Guarantee Loans
    • Guarantee your loan through the Farm Service Agency and Small Business Administration for assistance with your business capital needs.
  • Beginning Farmer and Young Entrepreneur Loans
    • Actively use the Farm Service Agency, Small Business Administration and the South Dakota Governors Office of Economic Development for assistance with your business capital needs.
  • South Dakota Economic Development Loans
    • Work with state agencies to use economic development loans available to businesses.
  • 4-H Project and FFA Loans
    • Make your 4-H and FFA projects a success with our low-interest project loans.
  • Community Project Loans
    • Improve your community with our community project loans.
  • Credit Cards
    • Purchase up to your credit limit and enjoy acceptance at millions of locations worldwide with the State Bank of Alcester Visa Credit Card.

Loans and credit cards subject to credit approval.  Product descriptions contained herein do not take the place of required disclosures under federal and state regulations. Please contact us for disclosures appropriate to these accounts.

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