Scams to Get Cash

Foreigners asking for assistance in transferring funds to U.S. dollars 

  • They usually offer to send you cashier’s checks or postal money orders in exchange for money wired to them.
  • They may tell you to keep a percentage for your trouble.
  • The cashier’s checks or postal money orders will often be fake.

Won a prize

  • Scammers call or email saying that you have won a prize.
  • You are asked to provide a credit card number, savings account number and/or checking account number for verification or to cover shipping and handling costs.
  • The prize often never arrives, but charges are racked up on your credit card or money is taken out of the account.

Sale of an item  

  • Buyer offers to send more than purchase price to cover shipping and handling.
  • You are asked to wire back the difference.
  • The cashier’s checks or postal money orders will often be fake.

 Mystery Shopper 

  • You receive a letter with a cashier’s check. The letter asks you to be a part of a mystery shopping program.
  • All you have to do is use the money from the cashier’s check to shop at a number of stores as well as usually wiring a set amount of money via Western Union, MoneyGram or a similar business.
  • Usually the amount you are asked to spend and wire is less than the cashier’s check amount, and you get to keep the difference as payment for your services.
  • The cashier’s check is often fraudulent.

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