Card Services

ATM Card1 Check Card1 Credit Card2
What is it?
  • Withdraw cash, inquire on balances and transfer funds at ATMs
  • Use your check card at stores, online or over the telephone with companies that accept MasterCard Check Cards with funds subtracted from your checking account.
  • Withdraw cash, inquire on balances and transfer funds.
  • Download Check Card brochure PDF
  • Accepted at millions of locations worldwide and affords you acceptance wherever you may travel.
  • Get cash advances up to your credit limit at the State Bank of Alcester.
  • Charge purchases up to your credit limit.
Other Benefits
  • Helps you avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • Helps you save on the cost of purchasing checks
  • Faster than writing a check
  • Receive alerts on card activity
Cost No fees at Privileged Status ATMs and State Bank of Alcester-owned ATMs
  • No fees at Privileged Status ATMs and State Bank of Alcester-owned ATMs
  • No origination fees
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Protected by Falcon
  • Report ATM Card or Debit Card lost or stolen:
    (800) 383-8000

  • Protected by Falcon
  • For a copy of your VISA Account Agreement, call (800) 214-8410
  • Report Credit Card lost or stolen:
    1 (800) 423-7503

1There are maximum dollar amounts that you are limited to in the use of your debit card/ATM card for total purchases and ATM cash.  You may contact the bank about changing either of these limits. Subject to credit approval.  Fees may apply. There is no cash withdrawal option at ATMs on HSA Check Card.
2Subject to credit approval.

Prepaid Debit Card

    • What is it?
      • Charge purchases up to the loaded amount
      • Use for gifts, budgeting and more
      • Can be used at millions of locations worldwide
    • Cost:  In the bank, $3 plus load amount up to $750
    • Fees:  Ask for disclosures for other fees
    • Account balances and transactions:  1 (866) 208-3282 or

Pay Visa Credit Card by Phone

Visa’s Pay by Phone program allows you to make a payment to your credit card account over the telephone by calling into FIS’s Customer Service.  By providing checking account information to their live operators, you can expedite a payment and if approved by their cutoff, you can have the payment post the same day.  If you’re attempting to avoid late charges, this is a convenient alternative payment option because the $10 fee for the service is typically lower than the late fee imposed by our bank.

Calls processed with an approval prior to 5 p.m. (Eastern) Monday through Friday will post to your account the same day during the nightly cycle.  Payments processed after 5 p.m. (Eastern) on Monday through Friday will post on the next processing day.   Payments over the weekend will follow the schedule below:

Payments after 5 p.m. Friday through Saturday 5 p.m. will post on Sunday.
Payments after 5 p.m. Saturday through Monday 5 p.m. will post on Monday.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) serviced payment calls have no fee.

Check Card Frequently Asked Questions

Which stores will accept my Shazam Check Card?

Use your Shazam Check Card at millions of locations worldwide.

How do I use my Shazam Check Card at store terminals?

Simply present your card to the merchant, slide your card through the terminal slot or insert it into the terminal.  Follow the instructions (when prompted, press the “CREDIT” function key on the terminal.  If you press the “DEBIT” function key, you will be required to enter your four-digit PIN.).  Verify the amount, sign the receipt and be sure to record the transaction in your check register.

When is the purchase amount deducted from my checking account?

When you make a purchase with your Shazam Check Card, the computer accesses your checking account to see if funds are available for the purchase.  If funds are available, the deduction will follow in one to four days.

Is there a maximum daily withdrawal limit?

Yes, your card has two daily limits set by the State Bank of Alcester. One is the dollar amount you can withdraw from an ATM machine in a 24-hour period. Another limit is the point of sale purchase (POS), which is the dollar amount you can spend on purchases in a 24-hour period.  You can ask to have your limits adjusted (with credit approval) to fit your personal needs at any time.

Are there any costs or fees for having or using my Shazam ATM or Check Card?

There are no fees for having a Shazam card. Fees, however, may be charged when using your card at an ATM machine that is not a Privileged Status machine. If there are fees at an ATM machine, it will be disclosed to you before the transaction is completed. If you do not wish to incur these charges, you will be able to cancel out of the transaction at that time.  You may also be charged a fee by our bank for use of an ATM machine that is not Privileged Status.

Can I change my personal identification number (PIN)?

You can change your PIN by calling the State Bank of Alcester. We will give you specific instructions on how to change your PIN.

What should I do if my Shazam ATM or Check Card is lost or stolen?

Call the State Bank of Alcester immediately at (605) 934-2500 or (800) 214-8410. After bank hours, call 1 (800) 383-8000. The amount you will be responsible for depends on how quickly you report the loss. Your liability cannot exceed $50 for the unauthorized use of the ATM card if you report the card missing within two days after learning of its loss or theft. If you do not report the loss within two days, you could be responsible for up to $500. You are not liable for unauthorized check card purchases at merchant locations if you have met the conditions as stated in our deposit account brochure. If you have not met the conditions stated in our deposit account brochure, your liability is the lesser of $50 or the amount of money or services obtained by the unauthorized use before notification to the State Bank of Alcester.

What should I do to prevent fraud or theft?

Memorize your PIN. Never write your PIN on your Shazam card or keep it in your wallet with your Shazam card. Don’t tell anyone your PIN or let anyone else enter your PIN for any transaction. Keep your card in sight at all times when making a purchase.