Multi-Factor Authentication

Internet Banking’s enhanced security system provides an additional layer of protection to protect ourYour own customized login for your unique personality. Internet Banking customers.

This system allows the bank to identify you, and you to identity the bank through an Authentication Image and Authentication Pass Phrase that you chose when setting up the system.

After you have registered, whenever you enter your Access ID and click the “Log In”  button, the bank will identify you through your computer or answers to your Challenge Questions and will show your Authentication Image and Authentication Pass Phrase. This lets you know that you are at the bank’s site and not a fraudulent site.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did the bank implement an additional layer of security?

With the rising threat of fraud and identity theft, a federal guidance was issued strongly encouraging financial institutions to put in place multi-factor authentication.

Under our previous system, we asked you for your Access ID and password before you could access your account information. This is known as single-factor authentication.

Now, you will set up an Authentication Image, Authentication Pass Phrase and Challenge Questions. When you login, the system recognizes your computer as the second factor and shows you the Authentication Image and Authentication Pass Phrase you chose. These security features help protect your account information when you use Internet Banking.

Can I opt out of the additional layer of security?

No, all Internet Banking customers are required to use it.

How do I sign up for it?

The first time you login, you will be taken to an enrollment page.

Your email address should show up here. If you have an email address and it doesn’t show up here, please type in your current email address. If you have changed your email address, please contact the bank and inform an employee of the change.

An Authentication Image will automatically be chosen for you. You can change this at a later time.

Enter an Authentication Pass Phrase that you will remember. This can be anything you want up to 100 characters. This can also be changed at a later time.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Choose your three Challenge Questions and answer the questions with responses you will remember. There are six options for your Challenge Questions listed in each drop-down box. To view more options, click the down arrow. To choose that option, highlight it by moving your mouse over the top of that question and clicking your mouse.

You can choose to register your computer as either a personal computer or a public computer by clicking your mouse in the radial button next to your choice.

Personal computers are computers in your home or ones on which you feel comfortable storing personal information. Public computers are computers such as library computers, hotel computers, etc.

Once you register a computer as a personal computer, you CANNOT change it to a public computer so be careful when registering. If you register a computer as a public computer, you can change it to a personal computer at a later time.

After you have chosen how you want to register your computer, click “Submit.”

You will now be able to view your bank accounts.

You have now set up the system. If you registered the computer, the next time you login, you should see your image and phrase.

Where do I enter my password?

From our bank homepage at,you will only need to enter your Access ID and click “Log In.” If the bank recognizes your computer, you will be shown your Authentication Image and Authentication Pass Phrase. If these match what image and pass phrase you choose, enter your password and click “Submit.”

If the bank does not recognize your computer, you will either need to answer a challenge question or use a one-time passcode that is sent to your email. 

You will then be able to access your account information.

What do I need to use the system?

The additional layer of protection is part of our Internet Banking system. You will not have to install any additional software or obtain any additional hardware.

What if the Authentication Image and Authentication Pass Phrase shown are not mine?

Do not input your password. Call the bank at (605) 934-2500 immediately for assistance.

Why am I being asked a Challenge Question?

If the bank doesn’t recognize your computer or you have registered the computer as a public computer, you have the option of receiving a one-time password in your email to access your accounts or we will ask you one of the Challenge Questions. After you answer the question correctly, we will show you your image and pass phrase. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. Even if a fraudster has stolen your Access ID and password, they shouldn’t know the answer to your Challenge Question so they won’t be able to access your account information from a non-registered computer.

Generally, you will be asked to answer a challenge question only when you login  from a public computer.

Can I upload my own image?

No, you cannot upload your own image at this time. You can choose any one of the more than 36,000 images provided for you.

Can I change my Authentication Image, Authentication Pass Phrase and/or Challenge Questions?

You can change your Authentication Image, Authentication Pass Phrase and/or Challenge Questions at any time by clicking  ”Options”.

To change your Authentication Image,

  • Click “Edit”.  Then “Change Image” or click on the image itself. You will be given eight images from which to choose at a time. There are more than 36,000 images total. You cannot upload your own image.
  • To view more images, click “More Images.”
  • If you like an image, but aren’t sure if you want to use that one as your Authentication Image, you can click your mouse in the box above “Remember Image.” This will save the image for you.
  • When you click “More Images,” it will show the image(s) you saved plus more new images.
  • Once you have found the image you want to use, just click on that image. This image will now show up as your Authentication Image

Change your Pass Phrase just by typing in a new Pass Phrase.

Change your challenge questions by choosing a new question from the drop-down box and typing a new answer or just typing a new answer to your current challenge questions.

Click “Submit” when finished to finalize the changes to your security data.

Can I access online banking from multiple computers?

Yes, you just need to register each computer, use the one-time passcode or answer a challenge question.

Can you use different images and pass phrases for different computers?

No, the same image and pass phrase will be used.

I share my computer with someone else that uses Internet Banking. Can both of us still sign in from this computer?

Yes, there’s no limit to how many people can sign on from the same computer. Just remember not to share your Access ID, password or answers to challenge questions.