Prime Visions Club

The Prime Visions Club of the State Bank of Alcester is offered to our customers, ages 50 and over. Members are in the “prime” of their lives and have great “visions” of things to come.

We want to reward you for your support and loyalty through the years, so membership is free to everyone with an account at the State Bank of Alcester. Non-bank customers are also welcome to become members by paying a yearly fee of just $10. You will enjoy special benefits of membership:

  • Bank escorted travel
  • Social gatherings
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Key registration
  • Credit Card registration

Plus monthly social gatherings on the third Wednesday of every month held at the Senior Citizens Center in Alcester at 2 p.m. Enjoy entertainment, coffee time, prizes and lots of fun.

Remember, “We can’t have fun without you.”


Free yarn is available for anyone who would like to knit or crochet caps for needy children at Christmas time.

Contact Vicki if you have any questions or would like to register for a trip.