Vacation Tips

  • Only carry necessary items in your wallet 
  • Keep a list at home of credit cards and check cards you carry along with account number and customer service number. If you’re a Prime Visions member, the bank will do this for you. Just bring your cards into the bank. 
  • If possible, only carry one or two cards 
  • Report lost or stolen credit or check cards IMMEDIATELY 
  • Never let your credit or check card out of your sight when using it for purchases 
  • Use Gift Cards instead of cash, check cards or credit cards. If lost or stolen, thieves will only have access to the money available on the cards, not in your accounts.
  • DO NOT put all your cash or traveler’s checks together in one place 
  • Keep your cash, credit card(s) and check card(s) in different places 
  • Be aware of people around you 
  • Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket or a front shirt pocket
    • Safest place is front pants pocket 
    • May want to check into money straps worn under clothing

Fees and limits may apply on check cards and credit cards.  Credit cards are subject to credit approval. 

Product descriptions herein do not take the place of required disclosures under federal and state regulations. Please contact us for disclosures appropriate to these accounts.